Altra Superior 1.5 Review

This is the first zero-drop shoe that I’ve ever tried (the heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground). However, in the past, I’ve worn several pairs with a 4mm drop and this didn’t feel that much different. In fact, I think you could adapt to these pretty quickly, particularly on a trail surface.

Altra Superior 1.5 Top

When I first looked at them, I thought they looked ridiculously wide. Rest assured, they are not. In fact, when I put them on, I found them to have a slipper-like feel that was rather nice. They weren’t too wide at all, although I’d say they are pretty comparable to a 2E width in other shoes. Also, I think they fit just a tiny bit on the small size with regard to length. I’m not sure if you would have to size up or not, I think it would depend on the individual wearer.

Both the heel and the forefoot measure 18mm – a zero drop.

These shoes weigh about 11.5 oz (size 10). This seems proportional to what you get with the shoe in terms of features.

There is a decent tread on the bottom but nothing amazing. It would certainly be suitable for most trail surfaces. I didn’t have an opportunity to try them on a wet surface, but I got the impression they might be a little slippery. Finally, there is a removable “Stone Guard.” This is nice, as several comparable shoes have opted to go without any type of rock plate.


– they have a very comfortable fit
– they felt very well-made
– they have a removable rock plate
– they now come with a gaiter trap


– this is an update to Altra’s “performance trail shoe” – with that being said, I think anything over 11 oz is too heavy for racing
– not really a con, but zero-drop does take some getting used to – therefore, this isn’t a shoe that you can purchase and race in next week