Those Crazy Brits…

The London Marathon is approaching, and I’ve noticed that Brits have a much better sense of humor about everything running than Americans.

Here are a few headlines/stories that have caught my eye:

How Do You Train For Running The London Marathon Dressed As A Hippo?

10 Things No One Tells You Before You Run The London Marathon

Here’s an excerpt:

Never again will you need to go to the loo quite as often. And never again will the ratio of Portaloos to people gagging for a pee or a poo seem quite so disproportionate.

You’ll look at bushes and trees with a hint of desperation in your eyes. You’ll find yourself loitering around Portaloos, just in case. You’ll do a Number One or Two at least three times in the space of an hour. And that’s all before you’ve even started running.

When, finally, you are called to the starting pen, you’ll find you need to go again. You’ll be horrified (and a tiny bit jealous) to see a chap having a piss right next to you.

Further down the road, you’ll start to think about Paula Radcliffe’s famous call of nature. Your running motto becomes ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’. You sink to a new low of personal hygiene. And you don’t really care.

Mo Farah To Run In Slower Group In London Marathon

Yes, Mo will be running in the “slower” group. How slow? They plan to go through the halfway mark in 62:15.


London Marathon: The Best And Worst Motivational Slogans

I hope you got a laugh out of those stories.

What gets you motivated to train?

What gets you motivated to race?