Different Type of Running Events

Those of us who start running, do it to try the taste of a sport that is booming. Over time, we go further and seek to motivate ourselves by participating in different competitions. And this is what we want to talk about this time on our blog.

Nowadays you can attend different types of races, which are adapted to our physical form, taste, and preparation.

What really matters to participate in a race is to enjoy the environment in which you surround yourself, made special to end up with a good taste of mouth and face the next one. During the preparation stage, it is advisable to test our level by pointing to some races according to our level, whether from popular to marathons, depending on what our goal is, thus increasing our motivation.

Not only is the world made of bottom racing. Those who enjoy running have the possibility to compete in more events every day, which has not only increased their periodicity but also their heterogeneity; that is, it is not a World reserved for elite athletes with sponsors and who live off it. The clerk who enjoys running and does it two or three times a week can also compete.

There are races of all kinds, from the best known as the 10 km races and the marathons, to the half marathon, eight kilometers, five kilometers, etc. In all of them, professionals can compete in order to stay fit, break national records, etc.

  • 5 km races: they are the most common and the first to start running when the level is low, anyone who occasionally puts on sneakers to go for a run can participate. They are often very crowded due to their great participation, showing a very good atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • 10 km races: among those considered popular races, there is this one. Participation requires a little more preparation.
  • Half marathon: the race of more participation on the part of riders of amateur level who enjoy their daily workout and the world that surrounds it. A distance of 21 kilometers and 97 meters, nothing debilitating of real champions when crossing the finish line.
  • Marathon: the race par excellence of the runners who prepare for a long period to complete the most remarkable 42 kilometers and 195 meters. It is defined as the run of life, being very similar, starting as a young man, passing the Half Marathon as a 30-year-old person and ending as an old man. This is one of the most spectacular races in existence, not only because of the high level of runners but also because of the experiences experienced during the race. And of course, the satisfaction of being able to finish it.
  • Ultramarathons: any race that exceeds the distance of a marathon. It can be defined as another career philosophy. It is a hard, suffering and rewarding experience. To prepare it takes time, physical, psychology and a lot of training for all kinds of terrain, taking into account especially the ups and downs of slopes.

All these types of races can be done in an amateur way, as semi-professional or professional. Depending on how the needs are addressed, they will be different. What is common for all of them, to a greater or lesser extent, is that it produces a very accentuated physical wear on the legs.