Altra The Paradigm Review

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This is the second Altra shoe that I have reviewed (previously, I reviewed the Altra Superior 1.5). I must say, I continue to love the very wide toe boxes in Altra shoes! In general, these felt well-made. They were very comfortable and it was the type of shoe that would not require any breaking in.

Altra The Paradigm

This shoe felt similar to the Hoka Bondi 3s that I tried. They are both very cushioned and both offer lots of protection. However, there are a few differences. The Paradigms are much roomier, especially in the toe box. The Paradigms are a zero drop shoe, whereas the Bondi 3s have a 5mm drop. Finally, in my opinion, the Bondi 3s are a little better looking (however, the Paradigms do come in other colors besides red and white).

Altra The Paradigm

The Paradigm has a 25mm heel and a 25mm forefoot – zero drop! The size 10 weighed in at 10.4 ounces on my scale – that definitely seemed light for so much shoe! I think these are best suited for roads. However, Jason Schlarb ran in them at UTMB and placed an amazing fourth overall.

Altra The Paradigm

– zero drop
– good quality
– lots of cushioning
– a realistic competitor to Hoka
– a decent sole for running on roads

– zero drop
– a little “clunky” but not too bad
– there may be too much cushioning
– the price – these retail for $130