Kara Goucher Makes a Skechy Decision

After signing an apparel deal with Oiselle a couple of months back, Kara Goucher has now signed a shoe deal with Skechers.

Goucher has an impressive running resume:

– 3rd place in the NYC Marathon in 2008
– 9th and 10th place finishes at the Beijing Olympics
– 5th place at the 2011 Boston Marathon
– 3rd place at the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon
– 11th place finish at the London Olympics
– 6th place at the 2013 Boston Marathon

I’m curious what Skechers expects to get from Goucher. Is the company looking for a familiar face and a well-liked runner? It definitely gets that. Is it looking for her to qualify for another Olympics? It might get that. Is it looking for her career to undergo a renaissance like Meb’s? Again, only time will tell.

Skechers has stated that a signature Goucher shoe line – like the GOMeb – is not currently planned. However, I do expect it at some point.

As a courtesy to Kara and Skechers, I’ve come up with a few potential names for her shoes:

GoFly – this is a fitting name, as it aptly incorporates both of her main sponsors. Unfortunately, it also sounds like a Nike design.

GoGoGoucher – okay, it’s a little Inspector Gadgety – but not bad, right?

GoRunKG – this is my favorite. Not all letters work together but K & G do – I think it’s worth a try!

On a related note, I can’t wait any longer. I will be reviewing a couple of pairs of Skechers on the blog next week. If they’re good enough for Meb and Kara, maybe they’re good enough for me (or you). You never know.


Would you try a pair of Skechers? Why or why not?