The Boston Marathon: Final Thoughts

Thinking about Meb’s win still gives me chills. I’m pretty sure it is etched in my memory forever! What’s next for Meb? He turns 39 on May 5th and he will be 40 for the Olympic Trials Marathon on February 13, 2016, in Los Angeles. If he qualifies for the Olympics, he will be 41 for the race. At this point, I wouldn’t count anything out.


Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall finished Boston in 2:17:50, which was good for 20th place. His career appears to be in limbo. This wasn’t the comeback he was hoping for but it wasn’t a complete disaster either. He will be in Olympic Trials once again, but he will need to get much faster. With Meb, Ryan Vail and Ritz looming, as well as others, it is a good bet that a sub-2:10 will be required in order to punch a ticket to Rio. If he stays healthy, he is certainly capable. Only time will tell.

New Kids On The Block

Hmm, should I lead with the “Step By Step” and “Hangin’ Tough” jokes or should I finish with them? Anyhow, Joey McIntyre and Danny Wood both finished the Boston Marathon. Joey ran 3:48:11 and Danny ran 3:50:00 – not bad!

Natalie Morales

Natalie finished Boston in 3:34:45. She just missed a PR, but still ran extremely well despite reports of a hamstring injury. Perhaps she will toe the line in NYC and finally go sub-3:30.

Team Hoyt

Team Hoyt finished Boston in 7:37:33. It was the last time that Dick and Rick will compete together. They will never be forgotten in Boston.

Ernst Van Dyk

Ernst Van Dyk gave a tearful post-race interview on Monday. He talked about winning the race ten times. He spoke about the tragedy in 2013. Van Dyk is 41 years old. You can’t help but wonder if some of those tears were because he knew it was his farewell.

Ulrich Steidl

Ulrich Steidl is 42 years old. He ran 2:19:48 and finished 23rd overall.

Harold Wilson

Harold Wilson is 81 years old. The Texan finished in 3:58:55.

Jean Marmoreo

One second before Harold finished, a 71-year-old Canadian named Jean Marmoreo crossed in 3:58:54.

I mentioned it in an earlier post but it bears repeating:
Rita Jeptoo split 1:09:28/1:09:28
Meb Keflezighi split 1:04:21/1:04:16