The Mountain Goat.

The Mountain Goat 10-Miler is on Sunday… and I won’t be running. This was a tough decision. The Mountain Goat is the biggest local race, and it’s one that I’ve done very well at. In fact, I consider my 2014 Mountain Goat (57:21) one of my best races ever.

With that being said, I’ve had some quad issues over the last month. I also hurt my back/hip a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t running at the time, but I always think these things are connected. Anyhow, this caused me to miss a week of running, and as an added bonus, I caught a cold. The universe is telling me to let this one go.

I’m definitely going to spectate and I’m sure I’ll have a little nostalgia. I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize – and the prize is a long, healthy running season.

ANYHOW, hopefully things start moving in the right direction.

Fun Fact: Getting old sucks.

Are you racing this weekend?

Do you know where I can locate a pet mountain goat?