Altra Superior 2.0 Review

If you recall, last April I reviewed the Altra Superior 1.5. The Superior 1.5 was the first zero-drop shoe I tried, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the comfortable fit and wide toe box, and I thought the shoe was excellent quality. However, I thought it was too heavy to be a performance trail shoe…

I think Altra saw my blog, because they made a few tweaks, and the Superior 2.0 is rather awesome.

First, make sure you size up at least a half size! The Superior 2.0 definitely runs small. I almost always wear a size 10 and my toes were bumping up against the front of the shoe. I think a 10.5 would do the trick.

Second, the toe box isn’t quite as wide as other Altra models. This was a little disappointing to me because the wide toe box is my favorite Altra feature. However, switching from a thicker sock to a thinner sock did the trick.


Third, I’m guessing the reason that the shoe is a tiny bit narrower than other models was to cut down on weight. I thought the Superior 1.5 was a little heavy for racing (11.5 ounces for size 10) but the 2.0 is perfection (9.4 ounces for size 10). That is exactly what I’m looking for in a trail racer.

The shoe has a 15mm forefoot and a 15mm heel – zero drop (Altra claims 21mm, but it isn’t quite that much). There is a removable rock plate, as well as a gaiter trap.

The shoe has a sticky sole that provides an awesome grip. In addition, the lugs (and lug height) are perfect for soft trails, hard trails, muddy trails, loose stone, etc.


The upper is seamless and super comfortable. Altra, if you are listening, I’d love for you to make this shoe with a Gore-Tex option – that is the one thing I find lacking in your line. I understand that would add a little weight and cost, but it would be worth it! Finally, I think this shoe has a great design. It comes in a couple of color options, and they are great.



– seamless upper
– great quality
– sticky sole with excellent lugs
– weight – 9.4 ounces is perfect for trails
– cost – these are $110 – and you can use coupon code RUNBLOG10 at Running Warehouse to get 10% off


– these definitely run small – do not order your usual size
– the toe box is not as wide as other Altra models – if you really want a wider toe box, go with the Superior 1.5 or the Lone Peak 2.0