Hardrock 100 Results & Commentary

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Final Results


1) Kilian Jornet 22:41:35 **course record**
2) Julien Chorier 25:07:56
3) Adam Campbell 25:56:46
4) Jeff Browning 26:58:59
5) Scott Jaime 27:46:14

The men’s race was all about Kilian Jornet. He was in front right from the start and the only outstanding issue was whether or not he would break Kyle Skaggs’ course record of 23:23:30. In the later stages, the questions was how far under the record would he be. Kilian finished in 22:41:35 and already stated that he intends to come back and run the course in the opposite direction. Julien Chorier, who ran with Kilian early in the race, said he thinks Kilian can go under 22 hours if he goes out a little harder.

Other races did not go as smoothly. Adam Campbell and his pacer had a run-in with lightning. Tsuyoshi Kaburaki got hit in the face with some rocks and was bleeding for a good part of the race. Dakota Jones dropped, as did Seb Chaigneau. As far as Timothy Olson, it just wasn’t his day. However, as you would expect from Timmy, he gutted it out. iRunFar captured a great picture of him at the finish:


Kilian Getting Some Love From Scott Jurek photo credit: Scott Jurek

Kilian Getting Some Love From Scott Jurek
photo credit: Scott Jurek


1) Darcy Piceu 29:49:58
2) Betsy Kalmeyer
3) Betsy Nye
4) Tina Ure
5) Suzanne Lewis

The women’s race was all about Diana Finkel… until it wasn’t. She was the top female and running around fifth overall until she dropped at mile 87 due to a medical issue. This left it to Darcy Piceu (Africa) who has won the last two years. This is one case where slow(er) and steady won the race!

Darcy Piceu (mile 15) photo credit: iRunFar

Darcy Piceu (mile 15)
photo credit: iRunFar

Check out iRunFar’s coverage here.

Live Results for all athletes are available here.

Engineer Aid Station (mile 52)


1) Kilian Jornet 10:50
2) Julien Chorier + 5′
3) Seb Chaigneau + 30′
4) Dakota Jones + 34′
5) Adam Campbell + 40′


1) Diana Finkel 12:20
2) Darcy Piceu + 30′

Telluride Aid Station (mile 27.8)


1) Kilian Jornet 5:42 elapsed
2) Julien Chorier + 4′
3) Timothy Olson + 6′
4) Dakota Jones + 9′
5) Seb Chaigneau + 11′


1) Diana Finkel 6:26 elapsed
2) Darcy Piceu + 8′
3) Sarah Mccloskey
4) Betsy Kalmeyer
5) Suzanne Lewis

photo credit: iRunFar

photo credit: iRunFar