Montrail FluidFlex II Review

In the past, Montrail shoes have generally been too narrow for me. This one was not, so right away, I was pleasantly surprised! Aside from the width, I initially noticed that this shoe was very comfortable. The upper was very soft and I didn’t notice any potential “hot spots.” Also, it felt quite light.

The size 10 weighed 8.2 oz on my scale. I actually weighed it twice because I was a little surprised! It felt like you were getting a lot of shoe for that little weight.

The heel measures 22mm and the forefoot measures 17mm for a drop of 5mm.

I liked the design of the laces. There was a very simple yet effective lace-holder built into the tongue and it would definitely prevent slipping.

The sole of the shoe is also very soft. The “FluidFoam” has a bit of give and I think it would provide a nice cushion for longer runs. Not only that, but the outsole is designed with little lugs that would provide great traction on most trails. With that being said, I’m not sure how well they would hold up on pavement.

Finally, I think this is a good-looking shoe. It could certainly be used as a lightweight trainer and I think it would be suitable for racing pretty much any distance on trails. As I said above, I’d be reluctant to run too much on pavement because I think the little lugs on the forefoot would get torn up.

– very comfortable fit
– lightweight
– wider toebox than most Montrail shoes
– nice lacing system
– slightly more affordable than comparable shoes ($90)
– nice outsole for most trails
– a good-looking shoe

– I think the sole might be a little too soft (this may just be a personal preference)
– I’m not sure these would hold up that well on pavement