NUMBER 7: Ann Trason

Ann Trason’s running resume is pretty much as good as it gets. She won Western States fourteen times and held the record until 2012. She almost won the race outright on more than one occasion. Ann still holds course records at Leadville and Vermont. At Leadville, she ran 18:06 and finished second overall to Tarahumara runner, Juan Herrera. Her time at Leadville is faster than Jeff Browning and Hal Koerner ever ran, and her time is only a few minutes slower than Scott Jurek ran. At Vermont, she ran 16:04 and finished one place behind Mike Wardian.

Her times include:
50 miles – 5:40:18
100 kilometers – 7:00:47
100 miles – 13:47:42

Finally, Ann’s contribution to the sport must be noted. She put ultrarunning on the map for both men and women. She continues to contribute with a column in Ultrarunning magazine. In fact, if you have questions, you can reach her at